I suffer from clinical depression and a personality disorder that my therapist suggested might be helped through exercise. I started classes with Lisa in 1998 and haven’t looked back. Although I have had panic attacks in class, Lisa has handled the situations very considerately and with compassion. She is always respectful of my space. I find the Restorative Yoga the most helpful and the breathing and relaxation extremely beneficial.

Jill, Herbalogist, Master Gardener

This letter is an effort to express my appreciation for your fine presentation to my Counseling Theories class at Webster University. The class especially enjoyed the experiential aspect of your presentation. It was a fine introduction to Yoga as a therapeutic modality. Thank you again.

Nancy Pryce, Ph.D. Licensed Independent Social Worker

Lisa is a beautiful, colorful vessel that is full of wisdom, compassion, fun and creativity and whatever spills out of the vessel is heaven-sent.

Kate, Licensed Independent Social Worker & Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructor

Lisa is a local professional who can provide highly beneficial services to patients with a variety of health conditions and medical challenges. She is an instructor who embodies great physical abilities and expertise in the discipline with a gentle, compassionate, yet professional manner. And, the yoga and meditation classes have played an important physical and emotional role in my recovery from heart failure.

M. Katherine Kellam, Ph.D.

Lisa is a rare, fragrant rose ever blooming and well loved.

Gaya, psychiatrist

Your presentation of guided meditation and introduction to Yoga to the South Carolina Extension Organization of Family and Consumer Science was most professional and well received by our Clemson Extension agents from around the state. The individuals in your program benefited from your knowledge and expertise. I endorse your work and effort.

Bob Guinn, Clemson Extension Agent Clemson University