Expressive Arts and Yoga Therapy

Connection, Kindness, Support & Wisdom

My Mission is to provide a refuge for authentic presence, growth and healing in body, mind and spirit.

I encourage and explore communication and connection toward self and others. Communication and connection thrive on openness, observation, deep listening, compassion, empathy, trust and vulnerability. I know how difficult life is and the struggle that often accompanies being human. I offer support, guidance, choice and solutions.

Turning Pain Into Songs

Sacred healing mantras & metta* for seamless integration

About Lisa

Lisa Rosof is a gentle, playful psycho-educational consultant and artist with a master of arts degree in counseling and a certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Lisa is currently temporary Adjunct Faculty teaching Psychology and Yoga within University of South Carolina Salkehatchie College/Division. Lisa specializes in providing an eclectic blend of body mind psychology, mindfulness and expressive art, music, movement, chanting and breathing techniques to recognize, relieve, override and/or replace the discomfort experienced from anxiety, depression, co-dependency, sexual abuse and everyday trauma, for couples and individuals.

For decades in my private practice and personal life, I have witnessed and experienced positive transformation in myself and others. Through the power and practice of traditional eastern & contemporary western healing modalities, wholesome skills, behaviors and strengths become the new way of living and enjoying life.